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There are many types of windows to choose from... We work with Vinyl, Wood, Extruded Aluminum, Fibreglass, Single Hung, Double Hung, Single Slider, Double Slider, Casements, Awning, Bay, Bow, and Greenhouse style windows. Read on to find out which type of window is right for you.

Vinyl Windows

  • Maintenance free - never paint your window frames again
  • Cost savings
  • Custom look, shapes and sizes for high-end look at value price
  • White is standard - but other colours are available to complement your design scheme

Wood Windows

  • Replicate or match historical look and finishes in your home
  • Stain grade or paint grade for interior and exterior custom design
  • Get the warmth and beauty of wood

Extruded Aluminum Clad (on wood) Windows

  • Highly maintenance free
  • Superior structural integrity
  • Unlimited paint colour selections
  • Option of clear pine interior (other wood species available)

Fibreglass Windows

  • Recognized as a "greener" window option
  • Maintenance free
  • Superior structural integrity
  • Unlimited paint colour selections

Single Hung Style Window

A single hung window operates vertically (up and down). One sash is stationary and the other sash moves up and down and can tilt into the room for easy cleaning. Includes a screen that covers half the window.

Double Hung Style Window

A double hung window has two sashes that move up and down and both can tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

Single Slider Style Window

A single tilt sliding window operates horizontally (side to side). One sash doesn't open and the other sash moves. Included is a screen that covers half the window. The moveable sash moves sideways and can tilt into the room for easy cleaning or a lift out sash is available.

Double Slider Style Window

A double tilt slider window has two sashes that move sideways. Includes a screen that covers the full glass area. Both sashes can tilt into the room for easy cleaning or a lift out sash option is also available.

Casement Style Window

Casement Windows swing open (like a door) to provide superior ventilation and are operated by a crank handle. Casements can open out left or right. Ideal for a variety of applications and can offer increased natural light to any space.

Awning Style Window

An awning Window operates much like a Casement window. It, too, opens by cranking a handle that pushes the bottom of the sash out, allowing air ventilation while keeping rain water away.

Bay Style Window

Bay Windows typically consist of a large window between two double hung or casement windows joined together to form one large viewing area. These are a decorative type of window that projects outward from the wall. It's common to see a bay window with a padded seating area underneath the window to provide a comfortable place to enjoy views, otherwise known as a sit-down bay.

Bow Style Window

Bow windows are a series of four or more adjoining window units, commonly five in number, installed on a radius from the wall of the building. All units can be stationary, operating or any combination. Bow windows provide expansive views and create another dimension to your home. They also create an elegant window seat, breakfast nook or plant ledge.

Greenhouse Style Window

Transform any room into an indoor garden with a custom-designed Greenhouse Window or Mini-Solarium. Greenhouse windows protrude outward from the home, allowing more light. Great for seedlings and high-maintenance plants, these windows can feature shelving on multiple levels to maximize space. They can also feature an awning-style top with a crank and pole to allow airflow from the outside without having to reach. They're economical and built to last.